Your Wedding Guestbook – A tradition that is loved and becoming more and more creative and personalized than ever. Here at Ball, we’re here to help you find that perfect guestbook to remember everyone that celebrated with you on your big day!

  1. For the couple who love games – Jenga! Have your guests sign blocks, and every time you play the game, it will bring back memories for years to come.
  2. For the music lovers – A signed guitar is a perfect choice for people passionate about music, and is such a special keepsake.
  3. Another one for the musical couples – Vinyl records are back, and not only can they be played, but they also make for cool home décor as well.
  4. For the wine drinkers – Guests can sign labels of wine bottles to be opened for future anniversaries and other special occasions!
  5. For the photo lovers – Have your wedding guests snap fun photos with props and leave sweet notes! A photo album is the perfect way to remember your loved ones who celebrated with you.
  6. For the couple who love breakfast in bed – Leave a blank tray or two for your wedding guests to sign! Enjoy breakfast in bed after the wedding and for years to come while remembering your special day.
  7. Sports fans- If you and your partner are big sports fans, game equipment is such a fun and different wedding guest book option. Have guests sign a baseball bat or a jersey!
  8. For the couple who loves to stay home – Coasters! Have guests sign coasters to place around your home.
  9. Another home accessory for you and your partner – A quilt! This may require more work after the wedding, but what a beautiful and unique keepsake that can be passed down generations and generations! Just get all the squares for a quilt ready and lay them out for guests to sign on a table.
  10. For the adventure loving couple – Have guests sign a globe or a canvas map and when picking your next adventure, remember all the people who were with you when you started the best adventure of your life!

A wedding guestbook can be so much more than pen and paper, and can be personalized and unique to each and every couple on their big day. We hope you find the perfect way to remember all of your guests that share this special celebration with you!

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