One of the major advantages of hosting your wedding reception at Ball Event Center is the ability to make it your own!

Our venue offers a modern blank canvas, allowing you to add your own personal touches, like extravagant or garden-themed decor, and even the ability to come in with minimal decor and still create a beautiful reception site. Here are our top 10 tips on transforming the space to suit your wedding day dreams!

  1. Lighting Shop for vintage chandeliers at antique stores, bring in hanging lanterns (Ikea is a great spot to pick some up) or hang simple string lights from above to create an intimate and romantic setting. This can be achieved even on a budget – just look online for ideas!
  2. Greenery No matter the time of year, you can always bring the outdoors in with touches of greenery, small ferns or trees and vines. It’s usually best to stick mainly with imitation plants so they last throughout the day and evening. Again, check out Ikea or even Hobby Lobby for a variety of options.
  3. Drapery Create another world within the room with colorful draping in your wedding colors. Choose a fabric that will not wrinkle easily, and be sure to have everything ironed or steamed ahead of time. If you’re on a budget, draping the ceiling alone can still create a completely different look and feel.
  4. Decorate in Bulk This option may be a little more expensive, but you can make a major impact on the space by hanging 30 lanterns instead of 3. The same goes for candles. Visit Pinterest for more ideas.
  5. Creative Centerpieces Not all centerpieces have to be identical – in fact, we encourage mixing things up a bit! Maybe some tables have bouquets, while other have individual stems in varying vases, etc. Get creative and have fun with it!
  6. Seating Options Who says all chairs at your reception have to be the same? It’s okay to mix and match! You can also use chair covers and florals to add detail to your guest’s tables.
  7. Bold Backdrops One fun way to change a space is to bring in a backdrop (or a few!). Whether it’s a photo op area, or makes a beautiful head table accent, backdrops can really catch the eye of your guests!
  8. Let Your Guests Lounge Offer a cozy seating area with a chaise lounge or overstuffed chairs. This offers your guests a place to relax and get to know each other. It’s also smart to place this area near the bar.
  9. A Beautiful Buffet You can even make the buffet area stand out by adding your decor to the area, varying levels of food and adding beautiful centerpieces to make it feel less like a hotel and more like a food garden.
  10. Light the Walls Adding uplighting can also help to make your reception feel more warm and dreamy. You can also consider projecting your monogram or a personal quote that is special to you and your partner for a nice touch. 

Now that you’re ready to transform your wedding venue with beautiful details and create a unique and memorable evening, contact Ball Conference Center to get started planning your dream wedding!