Spooky Season has us thinking about omens, specifically Wedding Superstitions!

Black cats, ghosts, and spiders are everywhere this time of year. Superstitions don’t only belong to spooky season, but what better time to highlight some of the omens associated with weddings!

Most wedding superstitions were meant to scare off evil spirits and bring good luck to the happy couple. Myth or not, a few of these superstitions are still fun traditions to follow. In honor of spooky season this year, Ball Event Bridal Guide is here to share common wedding superstitions and the meaning behind them.

1. It’s Bad Luck for the Groom to see the Bride before the wedding.

During the days of arranged marriages, most weddings represented a business deal between two families. As this was commonplace, the engaged couple wasn’t allowed to see each other before the wedding at all; family members feared a wealthy gentleman would call off the wedding if the bride was less attractive. Therefore, tradition dictated that bride and groom saw each other for the first time at the ceremony. While arranged marriages are no longer the custom, many brides today still prefer a big reveal.

Other couples choose to ignore this tradition in favor of a special, “first look” moment to relax before the big ceremony. Another bonus? Breaking this tradition allows the wedding party to take photos pre-ceremony when everyone is still freshly dressed and made up.

2. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

This tradition from the Victorian era was an all-around good luck trick. “Something old” kept the new couple connected to their family, while “something new” symbolized their new future ahead. “Something borrowed” gave the bride’s family or friends the chance to lend her something as a special symbol of their love. For instance, bride’s may have carried a stitched handkerchief, a sentimental piece of jewelry, or even an heirloom veil. Lastly, “something blue” represented the couple’s faithfulness and loyalty.

Today, this tradition winds its way into many bridal outfits as a fun, continued way of connecting the bride’s past with her newly beginning future.

3. Wearing a Bridal Veil

It seems each culture shares one common belief: evil spirits are just waiting to steal the bride’s joy! During the times of the Greeks and Romans, brides wore veils to cover their faces so that jealous witches and evil spirits wouldn’t want to steal her happiness. The thicker the veil, the more protection against evil curses. Today veils add a touch of mystery and romance; some brides might even wear passed-down veils as a tribute to their mother or grandmother. 

4. Spider in Your Wedding Outfit

You may not be the biggest fan of arachnids, but if you spot one on your wedding attire, don’t worry – it’s good luck. Just shake it off with a smile! Many cultures – including old English tradition – view spiders as omens of happiness and wealth!

5. Crying on Your Wedding Day

Tradition says that if you cry on your wedding day, you won’t have any reason to cry during your marriage. While some brides may wish to avoid the waterworks in order to preserve their makeup, a few sentimental tears of joy never hurt anyone.

6. Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain is often seen as a healing and cleansing power; some cultures believe it represents fertility as well. While you’re likely hoping for sunny skies, rain on your wedding day is considered excellent luck!

7. The Catcher of the Bridal Bouquet or Garter is the Next to Marry.

During the Middle Ages, a piece of the bride’s clothing was considered very lucky – so much so that the overly exuberant guests would try their best to rip a piece of the bride’s gown off. In order to preserve the gown and the couple’s dignity, brides started tossing their bouquet in order to distract the luck-hungry crowds. Once the couple had safely made it to their chamber, the groom would toss the garter out of the door to the nosy guests.

Modern couples often celebrate with either the bouquet toss or the garter toss, but some have decided to forego the tradition for the safety of the guests and for the sake of the embarrassed single women.

8. Saving the Top Layer of Wedding Cake for the 1st Anniversary

Elegant, ornate wedding cakes with multiple tiers became high trend in the 1800s. During this same time period, it was assumed that after the wedding took place, a baby would follow not long after. Since christening cakes were also a common custom at that time, couples began saving the top tier of their elaborate wedding cake to use as a christening cake.

With no common christening cakes today, modern couples save the top tier for purely sentimental reasons. Not in the mood for freezer burned cake? Some couples have the baker recreate the top of their wedding cake for their anniversary instead!

9. Carrying the Bride Across the Threshold of the New Home

According to Western Europeans, a bride who tripped over the threshold of her new home was sure to bring bad luck over her marriage and her home. In order to avoid such a terrible fate, it became tradition for the groom to carry the new bride through the doorway – completely avoiding the bride’s doom-bringing fall. Other cultures believed evil spirits lurked at the doorway waiting to snatch the new bride through the soles of her feet; obviously this situation required the bride be carried over the threshold as well.

Modern couples may continue this tradition as a sweet symbol of love and care. Some couples choose to step through the door together symbolizing their partnership in their future.

10. Exciting Send Offs

Throwing rice or confetti at exiting newlyweds seems to emerge from the Roman times when bread was broken over the head of the bride to enhance her fertility. In England, on the other hand, the couple was pelted with old shoes. The more shoes that hit the getaway vehicle, the luckier the couple!  

Many people attribute today’s custom of tying shoes to the bumper to this old send off. Confetti, sparklers or bumper-tied shoes, family and friends all love a chance to see the happy couple off and wish them a wonderful life.

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