Avoid wedding day surprises by following these 10 helpful pieces of advice from Offbeat Bride.

  1. After making your list of things to bring, make a list of things to bring BACK. The last thing you want is for your beautiful decorations that you spent hours on to be thrown out while you are on your honeymoon. If you have a list to tell your bridal party what you want to keep, there will be no disappointments when you get back.
  2. Have a photo catcher. Assign one person, preferably someone outside the wedding party, to go around with a laptop and download pictures from guests’ digital cameras while they are leaving. This will give you a variety of photos with everyone at the wedding.
  3. Make some time for just yourself during your big day. The whole day you will be bombarded with questions and pictures so be sure to have a few minutes here and there so you can collect your thoughts and relax.
  4. Have a friend or family member help create some space between you and everyone else. Everyone will be wanting to give you hugs and take pictures with you. If you have someone that helps make sure you have your space you won’t be tired at the end of the day from being touched so much.
  5. Try something “normal.” Have a few minutes to not talk about you the whole time. Find an old friend and sit with them and talk about their life. It will be refreshing to have a few minutes to have a normal conversation.
  6. Brief your speakers about what they need to update your guests on. For example, if your guests aren’t familiar with your religion’s or family’s tradition, have someone update them on what to expect and what they need to do to participate.
  7. Trust your guests. They will enjoy being a part of a unique and different wedding.
  8. Give a detailed plan to your wedding party early on. Tell them exactly what you need and expect from them and what they can do to make sure your day is relaxing and fun for you. 
  9. Publicly thank your vendors. Many of them went out of their way for you, so do the same for them. Give them a thank you buy giving them a rating and review on a public site.
  10. Don’t write thank you letters in advance. Until it is over, you won’t know for sure who has helped you and how much. Some people will have to be thanked for more than just the present they got you.