Ball Event Center to host KVC Health System’s 1st Annual Mental Wellness Expo

Get excited with us! This year Ball Event Center is proud to host the very first annual Mental Wellness Expo sponsored by KVC Health Systems and other local patrons.

You’re Invited!

Join us Thursday, May 5th from 1-5:30 pm at Ball Event Center to learn about available resources through local mental wellness providers and insurance carriers. Plus, feel like a premiere food critic when you sample more than a dozen kinds of chili during the chili cook-off! 

As KVC Health Systems states: “The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed our workplaces and homes. While we’ve found more flexibility, a new poll shows that Americans are experiencing greater stress than ever before due to the pandemic, money concerns, the war in Ukraine, and increased smartphone and social media use. Depression, anxiety, and suicide rates are rising among both teens and adults. Come listen to the panel discussion centered on addressing the mental wellness challenges we face in our new environment; learn how you can support mental health for yourself, your family, and your employees; and discover what mental health resources are available to help you!” 

Who can attend this mental wellness expo?

  • Employers
  • School and local leadership
  • Parents and community members
  • Veterans and active service members
  • Healthcare insurance carriers and agents
  • Mental and primary healthcare providers
  • YOU!

How to Attend:

While the mental wellness expo is free to attend – both online and in-person, there is a $10 fee for chili tasting, hot dogs, and drinks.

For just $10, you get a chili sampling wristband and two tickets. The wristband lets you sample more than a dozen kinds of chili and vote for your favorites. The two tickets can be used beginning at 3:30pm for a beer, wine, soda, or hot dog. 

If you purchase by Friday, April 29, when you buy a $10 wristband/two tickets, you get another wristband/two tickets for FREE!

Fill out the Free (foodless) Event Registration or the $10 Wristband-Included Registration when you scroll down through the KVC Mental Wellness Expo Page here.

We hope to see you there – and happy chili cook-off voting!