Planning a traditional quinceanera can feel much like planning a wedding in many ways – from the dress to the caterers, to finding the right reception space, there’s a lot to do! In the midst of dress fittings and food tastings, don’t forget to book your event space! And Ball Events Center is the perfect spot!

Reserving the right venue is essential to the perfect quinceanera – before you book, make sure your event venue has these top five qualities!

Sufficient Space


For a successful quince, you’ll need lots of room for all the friends and family who want to celebrate with you! Additionally, most traditional quinceaneras host dancing featured by the traditional first Father/Daughter dance.

To accommodate all the celebrating while still being mindful of safe distancing, you’ll need to plan for a little extra room in your event space. Small venues can be a little cheaper but less accommodating for the space your perfect quince needs.

Convenient Parking

Parking down the street and walking in heels a long way is no fun. That’s why at Ball Event Center we offer free on-site parking right next to the venue building. This ample and accommodating parking makes preparations and arrival much easier for the caterers, for your abuelita, and for everyone else too.

Fully Serviced Kitchen 


The secret to having the best quince is to serve the most delicious food! To prepare and serve the best food, you’ll need a large high-grade kitchen that can handle the task. Ball Event Center not only offers all this, but also an essential ice machine as well as event staff. Haven’t booked your caterers yet? Ball has a convenient and approved list of Kansas City’s finest caterers to service your event.

Top Quality Audio/Visual System

Next to yummy food, it wouldn’t be a party without some music! Whether you choose to hire a DJ or invite a live band to perform at your quinceanera, nobody wants to dance to fuzzy staticky noise. Check with your venue ahead of time to make sure their sound system is upgraded and ready to party!

Many traditional quinceanera hosts choose to show a touching slideshow or video during the evening featuring photos and videos of the quinceanera queen growing up. Make all the abuelas teary-eyed with a beautiful visual presentation – for that, you’ll want to make sure your venue offers state-of-the-art visual tech capabilities.

For family and friends who can’t attend the party in person, make sure your event space offers virtual streaming services as well! At Ball, we want to make sure everyone you love is included in the festivities – ask about our Virtual Event Streaming when you contact us online!

Elegant Décor


Your little girl is growing up so this celebration should be decorated appropriately! Decorate your event space with class and maturity to help her feel like she’s not a little kid anymore. Your venue should be willing to help you transform the event space to suit your needs.

Ball has been honored to host The Quinceanera Expo, which featured several favorite quinceanera décor trends. Try hosting “A Night Under the Stars” with navy blue, gold and silver; add some sparkles and some twinkling lights! Another décor idea is to dress it up with marble and gold for a fancy feast your guests will call unforgettable. Whatever theme suits your quinceanera, Ball can’t wait to help you create the perfect atmosphere for her perfect quinceanera. At Ball, we can even make dressing rooms available for your on-site convenience.

If you want to host a successful quinceanera that will make your girl feel special and invite the guests to celebrate, make sure you book an event space that meets these necessary requirements.

Easy enough, Ball Event Center is only a phone call or an online message away! Contact us today for more information or to reserve your quinceanera today!