Don’t let fear of cold weather and snow stop you from having a romantic winter wedding! Holding your wedding in January, February, or March comes with several advantages you may not have thought of. Keep reading below to learn about some of the benefits that accompany tying the knot during the snowy season!

1. Gorgeous Snowy Wedding Photos

Your wedding photographer will have a heyday snapping magical photos of you and your significant other in the snow. Not only are these photos visually stunning, but snow provides incredible lighting – making for even better natural photos! The best time to schedule your photo shoot is at sunrise or sunset, when the light is at its softest. Conveniently, the sunrise happens later in the morning and the sunset happens earlier in the evening during the winter season. Winter Wedding bonus: you won’t have to worry about heat and humidity ruining your hair or makeup!

2. Least Busy Time of the Year

The summer months are always packed full of weddings, and you can bet your wedding vendors and photographer have very full schedules. During the winter, they have much more free time – meaning you will get more attention from them! Being able to communicate more often with your vendors will make it less likely that things will go awry. Plus, you may even be able to get your photos and videos back sooner from your photographer since they will likely have a lighter workload during the winter.

3. Flexible Venue Dates

With fewer couples looking to book your dream wedding venue during the winter months, you will have more flexibility to choose your big day. It can be stressful and frustrating trying to negotiate a day that works best for you, your guests, your vendors, and your photographer. Knowing you will have some freedom in choosing the perfect day at your venue will take a little bit of that weight off your shoulders.

4. Beautiful Color Schemes and Fun Accessories

A winter-themed wedding has endless color scheme possibilities that will pop dramatically against snowy, white backdrops! You can take a rustic approach with warm neutrals and distressed elements or opt for moody, dark jewel tones. The winter season also opens the door to tons of fun accessories – think hooded capes, luxurious knit shawls, faux fur wraps, snowflake-adorned hair pieces, and much more!

 5. Better Savings on Travel Expenses 

During the winter months, you will have better luck finding great deals on plane tickets and lodging for your guests coming from out of town. The easier and cheaper it is for people to make it to your wedding means the more people are likely to come. As an added bonus, flights and lodging for your honeymoon will also be cheaper! Who doesn’t like to escape the winter weather for some sunshine and sandy beaches!?

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