Spring has sprung and along with rainy days, blooming flowers, and green grass, there is of course the thrill of wedding season! We say embrace this colorful season! With the help of Ball Event Center and our six Spring wedding tips, your special day will bloom into the fairy tale wedding that you’ve always dreamed of!

Ball Conference Center Watercolor Palettes

This Spring, pastel watercolors are the season’s popular color trend. From envelope liners to place cards, these brushstroke designs make every detail of your big day truly one of a kind. Watercolor is an ideal way for multiple hues to live together in one cohesive design – whether you’re going for a subtle ombre design or combining two vibrant colors. This is a look that’s sure to impress your guests!

Floral Prints

New York Bridal Fashion Week runways have made floral prints the “it” pattern for this Spring! If your fairy tale wedding has you dreaming of a white dress, then dress your bridesmaids in a pretty, complementary floral print! Floral print ties or pocket squares for the groomsmen is another great option to make your wedding party really blossom!

Tall Tiers

To ensure that the wedding cake is the exclamation point of the reception, couples are often going more above and beyond than ever. A tall cake does not have to be a fancy, column-clad design. Instead of fondant-covered tiers, your cake can be personalized to express your own personal style. To top things off, many brides have opted for a calligraphy-style word-phrase that speaks to the couple’s personality.

Colored Stones

Ball Conference CenterRecently Kate Middleton and Iggy Azalea have been spotted wearing wedding rings with colored stones instead of traditional clear diamonds boosting their popularity. Daring brides are opting for a symbolic or sentimental gem, as opposed to the more traditional diamond when it comes to center stones. If you still envision your special day with a diamond center stone, try swapping in a small colored gemstone on the wedding band or engagement ring setting. It’s a unique touch that will truly make a statement.

Sheer Dress Details

Breezy spring weather calls for illusion necklines, airy fabrics and romantic details in your wedding dress – perfect for the season. These dresses photograph beautifully and include a wide range between styles. A bohemian design made of loose crystals or a sweet floral illusion neckline is guaranteed to impress on your wedding day

Interactive Stations and Family-Style Serving

Bring some quirkiness to your wedding through with an inventive menu! Sit-down dinners are transforming into playful, family-style meals with local, seasonal ingredients, location-specific specialties and interactive food stations. Try hosting a cocktail hour with a variety of different drink options and an appetizer station before dinner. (Come on – even a bride has to eat!)

Whether you plan to serve your wedding guests a cool glass of lemonade, or take advantage of a bright, spring color palette, there’s no better place to make your big day perfect than Ball Event Center’s elegant ballroom. For more information, call Michael Nicoski at (913) 322-4980 or click here to take a virtual tour of Ball Event Center! We look forward to showing you around and helping bring to life the beautiful spring wedding of your dreams!