Our friends over at Perfect Wedding Guide share these seven creative ideas for your wedding day – and we bet you’ve never heard of them!

We love seeking out creative wedding ideas! Today’s couples are infusing their weddings with personality, edging away from straight-up tradition. We’ve come across some clever and fun ideas that we just had to share. We’re sure you’ll wish you had done these at your wedding—and if you’re still planning, this list is perfect for you!

1. Drink-reserving coasters. We love these coasters from Evermine that read, “Please don’t take my drink. I’m dancing.”

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They feature your wedding dates and names and are available in a variety of colors. They’re not only functional (guests can place them over their drinks when they hit the dance floor), they’re lovely favors!

2. Door hangers for overnight wedding guests. If you’re hosting your wedding in or near a hotel where your guests will be staying the night after the wedding, these door hangers make wonderful gifts to stick in the guests’ welcome baskets.

wedding blog, wedding ideas

We like that they read, “Please do not disturb. We were up all night celebrating with the newlyweds [Insert your names].” Too fun!

3. Table numbers with character.

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When we saw these personalized table cards featuring pictures of the couple at the ages corresponding with the table numbers, we just had to give them a mention. What an adorable way to personalize a small detail!

4. Create works of art. We recently came across two different wedding ideas that produced artwork for the couple to display in their home after the wedding. The first involves hiring a professional artist to capture actual wedding moments in paintings, and the second involves setting up a white canvas covered in balloons filled with paint, and asking guests to throw darts at them, creating a unique work of art in the process.

5. Shoe messages. Couples are doing lots of fun things with shoes, from wearing colorful heels to vintage sneakers to cowgirl boots. One extra touch we’ve seen is where each member of the wedding couple writes a note on the bottom of the other’s shoe. It’s a sweet and sentimental touch that looks great in photos.

6. Document the day. Wedding photographers have gotten really creative in how they document the wedding day. One of our recent favorite pics was of the couple’s wedding rings photographed against the backdrop of a newspaper from their wedding date. What a neat way to chronicle such a huge moment in your lives!

7. Prepare for your first anniversary. It’s always good to think ahead, so we thought we’d share one lovely touch that you’ll appreciate on your first (or later) anniversary. These personalized wine boxes are such a sweet idea.

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You can write love letters to each other before the wedding and place them in the box, then read them and enjoy the wine on your anniversary.

Check out even more wedding ideas from PWG here.  Featured image credit: Etsy.com/shop/mavora