Creative Wedding Approaches to Dealing with Coronavirus

Whether you cancelled your wedding, postponed it, or found a creative way to go through with it in the midst of these crazy times – let us reassure you: the fun is far from over.

Almost nothing has inspired the level of creativity and flexibility we see in wedding planning lately quite like the recent pandemic situation. Like many wedding venues, Ball Event Center took a step back from the wedding industry’s rapid-fire schedule but we are back up and running with greater ideas than ever!

Ball Event Center has put together a quick list of several wedding trends taking place inspired by coronavirus restrictions and expected to last for weeks or months depending on what happens.

  1. Virtual Planning – Meeting with vendors just got way easier. Most zoom calls could be a simple email, and many in-person meetings can easily be a quick zoom call. For example, save the in-person visits for your top two or three venues instead! From updates with the wedding planner to visits with suppliers and venues, zoom calls can save you time and money – while additionally allowing close friends or family who live far away to participate in the process.
  2. Weekday Weddings – With a potentially off-the-charts wedding season in 2021 it will be tricky to schedule all the upcoming weddings with weddings that have been postponed and rescheduled during quarantine. Anticipate weekday weddings to become much more common as many individuals may not want to wait longer for the next available weekend.
  3. Private Ceremonies – Just because you may not be able to have all your planned guests doesn’t mean you have to cut back on quality. These private mini ceremonies are not necessarily considered elopement since they don’t have to be secret or hurried affairs. Have your cake and eat it too – your guests can watch! Several creative couples are finding ways to have friends and family join them via Zoom or through a livestreaming process. On the other hand, many couples are finding that an intimate ceremony suits their tastes better than the big wedding they originally had planned.
  4. “Best in Show” Ceremonies – While quite a few couples are switching to – and preferring! – private ceremonies, a number of wedding planners and professionals anticipate a booming wedding season. The suspicion is that lengthened anticipation will result in a larger celebration. You’ve heard of “go big or go home”? Wedding parties who have already been cooped up at home may want their chance to go big! Expect creative adaptations to ensure safety while upping the festivities.
  5. Sequel Ceremonies – Hosting multiple ceremonies has quickly become a favorite option as well; many couples have celebrated with a private ceremony and will host a “take two” ceremony and/or reception at a later date with a larger gathering of friends and family members. What better way to increase the amount of fun than by increasing the length and time of celebratory events? Many people from different backgrounds comes from cultures where multiple ceremonies and events are held anyway – Ball Event Center is an expert at hosting these cultural wedding festivities!
  6. Socially Distanced Weddings – We’ve also seen a large increase in the number of outdoor weddings; we love to see people combating the pandemic with fresh air and sunshine! However, when outdoor weddings are once again overtaken by inevitable weather elements, several people find a large indoor venue works best and reliably for a beautiful indoor wedding – complete with personal décor and arrangements. Ball Event Center can easily host up to 200 people while still safely social distancing so be sure to contact us today for further questions!
  7. Health and Safety Precautions – Of course this is likely one of the most noticeable changes affecting wedding ceremonies and receptions alike. Sanitation Stations for guests is a great way to supply hand sanitizer or even offer wedding masks to keep things safe but festive! Brides and grooms are wearing coordinating masks or choosing something fun and playful to celebrate their history together; other couples are choosing to match mask color and fabric to the rest of the outfit – watch for bridesmaids in masks that match their dresses for example. Some couples with dogs may even match their masks with a coordinated bandana around their sweet pup’s neck! Wedding guests can bring their own masks certainly, but one fun idea is to supply themed masks at the wedding for guests to take home after. Spread love, not germs, right?

Ball Event Center has the creativity and flexibility you need to pull of your wedding! Check out our tips on How to Get Hitched (Without a Hitch) and make sure to take a peek online at our wedding and social event options!