For many people, public speaking is their greatest fear! In fact, it is listed as the number one fear of Americans. So, even though being asked to make a wedding toast or speech is an honor, we know it can also be terrifying. That’s why we’re here to give you our Dos & Don’ts to help make your big speech a breeze!

Preparation is key 

Practice, practice, practice! Get familiar with your toast, rehearse in front of friends, and make cue cards for the day of. We recommend giving copies of your cue cards to a couple of your most trusted friends to carry just in case. Take comfort that you have something written down!

Keep it brief 

This goes right along with preparation. Practice what you’ll say ahead of time, and if you don’t, you may ramble. Keep everyone engaged and try to avoid inside jokes when only a handful of wedding guests are ‘in the know.’ Three minutes is plenty of time to make hearts swoon and crowds laugh!

What should toasts include?

While keeping it brief but memorable, there are a few key features of a wedding toast we don’t want you to forget. Start with a grand congratulations to the newlyweds, a heartfelt thank you to the hosts, and an acknowledgement of your guests – your audience – in some way. Always speak to both halves of the couple, even if you know one much better than the other, and with some jokes and personal stories to go along with these formalities, you are sure to crush your time behind the mic.

Ditch the props

Embarrassing photos, PowerPoint presentations, and slideshows may seem like a good idea at first, but when it comes to the day of, it could be too much to handle for both you and the newly married couple. When you’re prepared, keeping it simple and sharing from your heart is all you need to have a crowd-pleasing, show-stopping toast!

Confidence is crucial 

Adele, Rihanna, and even Cher all suffer from stage fright. You might be terrified to give a speech, and the experts at Ball want you to know that is normal and okay. Fake it until you make it. Stand, take a deep breath, smile, and look around the room. Be yourself, and remember, confidence is key!

Our hope for you is that with preparation, a few keynotes, and our advice to keep it simple, those special three minutes of your life will be warm, heartfelt, and a speech you and your loved ones will be proud of! Dance the rest of your night away, and celebrate the happiest of all celebrations!

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