Your wedding should be as one of a kind as your love story – and just as beautiful! If you are planning a wedding during this upcoming season, let the wedding professionals at Ball Event Center fill you in on the trends.

Based on patterns coming out of 2020 and a couple of new and exciting things you can expect, here are the 2021 Wedding Trends.


With an eco-conscious mindset, engaged couples are finding that switching certain aspects of their event are not as difficult as one might expect. Fun options like plantable invitations are made from recycled paper and will grow wildflowers or herbs when planted and watered. Wedding send-offs now range from sparklers or bubbles to birdseed or petals; biodegradable paper airplanes, fresh leaves, and biodegradable confetti are just a few of the festive ways to wish the happy couple well. Other couples will choose to use no plastic or may ask guests to donate to planting trees instead of bringing gifts.

Concept Lighting

Décor-wise, your taste should dictate the wedding and reception regardless of what people say. However, one major move in wedding décor trends is the use of concept lighting, or mood lighting. Hang globe string lights across the yard, decorate with exposed bulbs, or dazzle with a vintage chandelier – whatever light you choose should make a statement. 

Some trendy couples also exhibit a personalized neon sign for use as a photo op; this sign makes for a great keepsake afterwards or can be donated depending on the message. “Forever and Always” will sell or display more easily than “Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt.” 

Alternative Wedding Itineraries

Intimate Wedding Celebrations – Chop the Guest List!

More and more couples are opting to have small, limited and meaningful celebrations with close friends and family instead of the traditional invite-everyone-you-know move. Fewer guests allow the couple to celebrate with only those closest to them in weddings called “microceremonies” with up to 25 guests. The smaller and more intimate gathering also opens up the budget for personalized favors, elite and expensive food, and fun group events like a private wine tasting. Saving money by not inviting long-lost relatives or obligatory coworkers also makes way for couples to spend the extra funds on top notch photography or on the honeymoon!

Follow Up Receptions – Elope Now, Party Later!

With so many event restrictions and postponed celebrations in the wake of a pandemic, many couples opt to host an intimate celebration or even elope instead. Once restrictions are lifted, these couples will gather all their friends and family for a party like never before! For those tired of waiting for their venue to open, check out the spacious rooms and full benefits of hosting a reception at Ball! Discover how you can Say Yes to Your Wedding Plans This Season!  

Extended Celebrations – Make It Memorable!

Yet again we see smaller wedding celebrations paving the way for alternative events and activities. Too many couples say “it all happened so fast” and “it was just a blur!” Instead of pushing all ceremony and celebration events into one day, many intimate weddings are now spread out over a weekend or even a week! Couples who host these weddings generally follow this sort of itinerary:

  • The Welcome Dinner: hosted by the couple, the best friends, or truly anyone, the welcome dinner allows all the wedding party to get to know each other a bit before the festivities.
  • A Group Outing: as the wedding members and few guests become acquainted, a group outing such as a private wine tasting becomes a fun way to share memories. Some couples may choose an exciting local event like axe throwing, pottery, or a painting class – anything fun and inclusive within the local area.
  • The Rehearsal Dinner: of course the evening after wedding practice and before the big day is a traditional feast where jokes and memories are shared. The couple gets roasted and toasted, and everyone has an enjoyable evening full of laughter and a few tears.
  • The Big Day: simply put, your wedding is up to you – plan your ceremony and reception as your Pinterest board leads.
  • Farewell Brunch: the couple may have already departed for the honeymoon but that shouldn’t keep all the family and new best friends from sharing one last hurrah together! Many members and guests will opt to let the party linger by going golfing or taking a spa day. Again, a list of local events and centers is very helpful here.

Whether you’re planning a wedding this season or refining your Pinterest board, keep an eye out for these trends of 2021 weddings. Whatever you do, though, make sure the wedding you plan (and pay for) is ultimately based on what you want. It’s your special celebration, it’s your family and friends, and it’s your wallet – celebrate your wedding in a way that reflects your unique love story and your beautiful future!

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