Finding a unity ritual to include in your wedding ceremony can feel like a daunting task – especially if you’re having a non-religious ceremony. Many unity rituals have roots linked to religious traditions and may not feel like the right fit for your special day. Luckily, we’ve found a unity ritual for all religions – and wine lovers! A wine box ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the unity of you and your spouse-to-be.

A wine box ceremony is a wedding ritual in which a bottle of wine is enclosed into a box. The wine is to remain locked in the box until a specific date decided between you and your spouse-to-be – many couples choose a future anniversary or save it to get through a tough time. Some couples opt to add even more meaning by including love letters to one another along with the wine.

Take a look at these 3 important steps for your perfect wine box ceremony:

1. Find a bottle of wine that you want to preserve. When selecting a wine for your box you want to choose one that will age well. We suggest talking to someone at your local wine store while going through this process. Also, look into how and where the bottle should be stored. Most wines stay best when stored horizontally in a dark, cool place. This is important when deciding where you will display your box!

2. Pick a box. There are several options available online including engraved boxes and boxes that come with two glasses for you to keep in a safe place and use once the box and bottle are opened. Want to make your box even more meaningful? Make one with your spouse-to-be!

3. Incorporate the box into your wedding ceremony. Have your selected wine, box and any other items you wish to include in the box on display near the altar. When the time comes for your unity ritual, have your officiant explain the significance of your wine box – mentioning the wine chosen and when you plan to open it. Then, the two of you will place the wine and any other items into the box and close the lid. Many couples select a box with a latch and a lock, so the box can quickly be locked with a key mid-ceremony.

When your decided time comes, open the box, pour some wine, sit back and relax while watching your wedding video admiring how far you’ve come in your journey as a married couple. Cheers!

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