Chances are if you’re scrolling through Instagram you’ll come across at least one post with a wedding hashtag included. Although the idea of a wedding hashtag may sound silly to some, it’s a convenient way to search for all the memories shared by your closest loved ones on your special day – like a wedding album for the digital ages! With social media having such a big impact on society today, coming up with the perfect hashtag can be more difficult for some than others – especially when your partner’s name isn’t easily “hashtagable.” The wedding experts at Ball are here to share a few pointers to help you create your ideal wedding hashtag!

1. Before committing to your wedding hashtag, do a hashtag search on Instagram to see how many others have already taken your idea – you want your hashtag to be completely your own.

2. Host a hashtag brainstorming party – this is also a great opportunity to surprise your select few with bridesmaid proposals!

3. There’s nothing better than a super creative hashtag – think of something that is easy to remember and “punny.” Some examples we like are: #ForeverYoung, #TyingTheKnot and #BrideToBlair

4. Still having a difficult time? There are several wedding hashtag generator sites such as Happily Ever Hashtagged that will do the work for you!

5. Once you come to an agreement on your wedding hashtag, let your friends and family know ASAP, so they can begin using it right away.

6. Share your hashtag at your reception on table cards or a chalkboard near the entrance. The more people who know about your hashtag, the more likely they are to use it!

Creating a hashtag is just a little piece of the puzzle when it comes to your wedding, so don’t stress if you feel like your selection isn’t quite perfect. After all, the most important part is saying, “I do,” to spending eternity with your partner! In the KC area and looking for a wedding venue that’s as beautiful as it is affordable? Be sure to check out all Ball has to offer for your big day!