With just four more months left in 2019, we wanted to highlight some of the best wedding trends we’ve seen so far this year.

From elegant ruffles to floral accents, velvet everything and more, check out our list of beautiful and creative touches that you can add to your special day! And who says these trends are only popular for 2019? Not us – whatever you love is yours for the taking, no matter the year! Let’s get started. 

Color Block Decor

Who says you should only have two or three wedding colors? Pairing different colors together into one design creates bold, artistic statements and adds a special flair to your wedding day.

Creative Floral Touches

It’s not just about bouquets and corsages anymore. Hanging floral strands, flowers that adorn your ceremony awning, and even wearable flowers on the bride’s arms and legs have become popular. And don’t forget the classic that never goes out of style – adding flowers to your hair. 










Colorful Grooms

Time to ditch the standard black and white and get colorful with the groom’s attire – plus his groomsmen! We love this emerald look. 

Image via Ties.com The Ganeys Photography

Unique Reception Lighting

From lanterns to candlelight only, lighting options for your wedding are endless. Creative lighting can really set the mood for the evening and add a warm glow to conversations and dancing.

Big Deal Dresses

Despite their past 80’s reputation, ruffles are back – and in a big way! And it’s not just bridal gowns – ruffled bridesmaid dresses, ruffled table linens and more.

Velvet dresses are also making a comeback – and are a beautiful touch for a fall wedding. We’ve also seen velvet table linens and velvet-laden grooms looking dapper.

Image via Jenny Yoo Collection

Unique Photo Ops

Create a fun photo op for you and your groom, then allow your guests to have fun with it as well!

Now that you have some fun wedding inspiration to think about, it’s time to start planning! In need of a wedding venue in Kansas City?

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