Not Just For Morale, Corporate Events Serve As Marketing Tool

Many successful companies use corporate events as a marketing technique to amplify their business presence, increase media attention, and generate new leads. As your guest list grows, don’t be surprised to see your attendees expand from coworkers or even photographers to professional athletes, investors, and sponsors! Not only do corporate events offer meet-opportunities for new business, but they also strengthen current client relationships. Existing investors will appreciate the opportunity to connect and share ideas, assess your company’s success status, and predict future partnerships.

Additionally, “boosting company morale” is no joke. Prevent rapid turnover and financial strain by retaining the hard working, experienced employees you’ve invested in. Company events are a way to show your employees that you value their time and input.

These engaging interactions strengthen coworker relationships and teamwork, stir up new ideas, and support company well-being. Studies show that employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay with the company longer as well as perform with better efficiency and creativity.

3 Reasons to Host Your Corporate Event at Ball

How you go about hosting a corporate event is just as important – if not more so – as your reasons for holding the event itself. Represent your company well with an event space suited for your needs. 

Impress Clients and Associates

Whether you’re hosting a company lunch or a product launch, let’s face it: dinner at the office desks just won’t cut it. Your company is better than “picnic at your own desk,” so choose an atmosphere your clients, investors, and vendors will appreciate and represents the status your business deserves. Choose a venue, décor, menu, and activities that reflect well on your company’s name, reputation, values, and goals.

Some work spaces may not have a large enough conference room or sufficient seating for a big seminar or a work conference. You want to seat your representatives and clients comfortably so they can focus on the presentation – not on your lack of preparation for suitable accommodations.

Ball Event Center offers a variety of event spaces – choose the facility that fits your event need! Our Ballroom has ample space for receptions, fundraisers, and social events, including booths set up for a trade show! Book our Executive Boardroom with convenient, top quality technology for high-tech presentations, business development meetings, organizational planning, or shareholder meetings. For teaching seminars or interactive discussion panels, ask about Ball’s Mabee Learning Center with full audio/visual studio features and plenty of seating. Learn more about Ball’s Facilities here!

Increase Office Morale and Productivity

Even if your company event is for staff only, there are a number of reasons to host your party out of office. Even though your workspace may be comfortable, modern, and pleasant, a change of pace and a new atmosphere will give your employees a refreshing mental reset. Bonus: new stimulants like a change of scenery can generate new ideas that find their way into the office, boosting your company’s efficiency, creativity, and even sense of purpose.

After hosting a company event, the last thing you want to do is spend the remainder of the night cleaning. Ball can help – our staff is present for the tear down and tidy up process. Additionally, event staff on site will help with table and chair set up as well as event-present support.

Implement Greater Resources

Don’t limit your company events to office coffee and houseplant décor. Whether you’re hosting a business seminar and need greater seating room or planning a party with bartending services, a venue can offer your company the space and resources it needs to pull off a successful event. This is especially helpful during the holiday season when Christmas and New Year parties are in full swing!

At Ball Event Center, we offer bartenders and even catering resources for any of your festive holiday needs. We even allow you to provide your own alcohol – saving you money! Plus, Ball’s facilities offer plenty of on-site, accessible parking as well as state of the art audio/visual equipment and adjustable lighting. From staff birthday parties to seminars and fundraisers, Ball is experienced at making your event a success!

Everything you need to host the perfect holiday party – or any other corporate event – can be found right here at Ball Event Center! Contact us online today for more information!