The Best Way to Secure the Bouquet

At Ball, we cherish each wedding event – the happy couple, the once in a lifetime memories, and the special traditions each couple chooses to celebrate. One traditional favorite is the bridal bouquet toss!

“The bouquet toss tradition is one that has existed for hundreds of years and evolved over time. In this tradition, brides toss their bouquet over their shoulders, into a group of single women. Whoever catches the bouquet is supposedly “next” to walk down the aisle. It usually happens towards the end of the night at the reception, and it can get quite competitive—even dangerous—with elbows and stiletto heels flying of those trying to catch the coveted bouquet.

For brides, it’s a way to celebrate their single friends and wish them luck in love. For the lucky lady that catches the bouquet, if she doesn’t meet the partner of her dreams at her friend’s wedding, at least she’ll go home with a gorgeous floral centerpiece.” From BRIDES magazine

At Ball Event Center, we’re pretty familiar with weddings. We’ve hosted a lot of weddings, we’ve seen a lot of bouquet tosses, and we’d love to share our expert tips on how to successfully catch the bridal bouquet. It might be the happy couple’s big day, but it’s sure to be your lucky one!

How to Prepare

Expect to catch the flowers any and every way possible – honestly, it’s quite difficult and very much against luck that you’ll catch the bouquet by the stems. If at all possible, we recommend gentle, cupped hands – much like you’d cradle a baby since bouquets may be fragile and likely to come to pieces in your hands. Still, a clutched entangled bouquet is still a victory and by all means, do what you must.

One non-negotiable point is to check your shoes, that is to chuck your shoes, anyway. While you may be tempted to think that the inches give you a height advantage, rest assured that mobility is a more important factor. Ditch the heels so you can ensure proper footing and the ability to leap as necessary!

The Winning Catch

The key – and we cannot stress how vital this is – is your strategic placement. Often the bride will aim for a close friend or family member that she is hoping to see married. Wait until the main target has found her place along with the other group and then find your place accordingly; however, you will want to remain as close to the front as possible. Ideally, stand directly in front of the targeted friend – but here’s the kicker. Stand well in front of the targeted friend, not just tucked away.

Successful wedding bouquet catchers take into account something very few other guests will: the trajectory of the coveted toss.

Consider the bride’s athleticism and tossing skills; now, understand how throwing backwards is even more of a challenge. Watch videos of bridal bouquet tosses online, for example; time and again you will note several instances of the bouquet being tossed back to the delighted group of scrambling guests only to fall embarrassingly short and plop on the ground. This is followed by the entire group of would-be catchers to awkwardly rush forward, but the damage has been done – the bouquet has already plopped. Now, even if you are the victor, you are viewed as a bouquet scavenger versus an esteemed bouquet catcher.

Other videos show the bouquet landing directly in the hands of someone in the very front of the group – often the intended targeted friend or family member. This is probably the most common outcome. Please note: the bouquet is almost never caught by anyone standing in the middle of the pack, much less by anyone standing at the back of group. This is why placement matters.

If you cannot stand directly in front of the targeted guest, place yourself even closer between the bride and the group of other guests. Shoeless, as we previously suggested, you will be able to jump if necessary. Overdramatic? Slightly. But Ball is here to tell you how to catch the bouquet, not how to keep your dignity. Besides, even if you take a fall, the bride will thank you for the entertaining pictures!

Happily Ever After

If you have followed Ball’s advice and succeeded in your glorious catch, do be gracious and don’t wave the bouquet in front of everyone’s faces. No one likes a show off.

If you did not manage to secure the bouquet, keep your wits about you and smile anyway because people are taking pictures. Congratulate the catcher and wish the bride well – ensuring you are a delightful guest and should be invited to the next wedding, where it will surely be your turn to successfully catch the bridal bouquet!

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