Whether you’re an experienced event planner or the unlucky mom on the school’s planning committee this year, you know that organizing any event can be challenge!

This year you’ve got to kick it up a notch – and we’re not talking about the catering! Current event planning goes beyond regular organizational tasks due to safety and health precautions for COVID-19. In addition to planning décor and setting up coffee, you’ve also got to worry about social distancing and proper sanitation.

While many people found creative ways to mingle outside through the pandemic, winter weather is a little less forgiving of open-air events. No need to stress – Ball Event Center has expert guidelines to navigate your through planning your events safely this winter.

  1. Set Clear Expectations.

For a smooth-running event, it’s best to have everyone on the same page from the start. Place strict guidelines for participants and communicate these expectations prior to the event.

These guidelines may include thermal/temperature scanning at the door, hand washing prior to entrance, the use of masks, no hand shaking, and proper social distancing. Send out a flyer or an email letting visitors know what to expect when they arrive and how to proceed throughout the event.

One helpful trick is to send out the notice with a request for a signature agreeing to abide by the event’s guidelines. Ask that the signed notices be returned by a certain date prior to the event and enthusiastically motivate participants by offering a gift card from a local shop or coffee house. Anyone who submits their form by the specified date is entered in a raffle to win the gift card! This tip can urge participants to submit their forms on time as well as support a local business!

  1. Establish Sound Logistics

Depending on the type of venue you are hosting, there are other ways you can support healthy and safe practices for event participants. Consider creatively socially distanced chairs and tables; use décor between seats or areas to avoid cross-over.

You may also consider providing name cards for seating during the event so that each visitor returns to their singular area. Stagger meetings for appropriate wipe-downs between events if appropriate, and schedule lunch breaks accordingly so that mass crowds are not moving all at once.

If certain states or cities do not permit more than a certain number of people in a room (say 10, for example), set up rooms in sets of ten and livestream to these rooms so that all participants will feel included.

  1. Support Encouraging Conditions

While there is certainly a lot of work and planning going into proper health and safety precautions, it’s important to not hyper focus on pandemic circumstances.

While strict guidelines should remain in place, provide a calming environment by playing calming cheerful music during lunch breaks either from a sound system or through a small group of live musicians. Note: any live music should also follow safety protocol and any guidelines you have in place.

Include flowers or plants in your décor for a bit of fresh air and greenery, especially during cold winter months.

Another fun idea is to schedule comedy clips to play or a local comedian to perform between event sessions; this is a way to sanitize the next area while your visitors get a bit of a relaxed break.

  1. Provide a Safe and Clean Environment.

Appropriate health and safety concerns should be met by both the visitors and by the hosts! When asking event visitors to abide by your guidelines, you should also be willing to ensure they are welcomed into a clean and sanitized atmosphere.

Check with your venue ahead of time on their expectations and provide your own sanitation as necessary. Include items such as:

  • Hand sanitizer and wipes at the registration desk
  • Complimentary masks for those who in need of one (they may have forgotten it at home or it may have fallen in the parking lot)
  • Small individual hand sanitizer bottles for visitors
  • Sufficient trash cans for used wipes, etc.
  • Social distancing venue markers where appropriate (in hallways, at registration, etc.)
  • Signs to remind participants of safety protocol and clear expectations

The great news – Ball Event Center is already set up with proper sanitation procedures and plenty of room for appropriate social distancing!

We can’t wait to help you host a successful – and safe – event this winter! From business seminars to craft or book clubs to birthday parties, Ball Event Center has the resources and skills to organize your event. Contact us today for more information!