We’ve all heard that the key to real estate is location. The same can be said of a business conference or event. In congruence with location, there are important aspects to consider when booking an event space. Here are 5 factors to consider to be sure you are not only selecting the proper space for your event, but that you are using the space to its full potential.

1. Goal:
What does the conference hope to achieve? If there is a clear understanding of the purpose or goal for the event, it makes it easier to select the space best suited to the event in question. If the goal of the event is a learning opportunity, then you may want to consider a more intimate setting so as to better teach. If the training isn’t as formal, then a traditional boardroom may be more appropriate.

2. Formality:
The formality of the event goes hand-in-hand with the goals of the event. If your event is more formal then something as grand as a ballroom, or grand hall may be considered. Is the event a celebration? A celebration gives your guests the opportunity to perhaps dress to the nines or mingle in a more relaxed setting. If the event is nowhere near formal, then don’t let the room name intimidate you. The liaison of the event space is there to help, and can turn a ballroom into as casual of a space as you need.

3. Aesthetic:
There are people in place at the conference center to ensure that your event not only goes off without a hitch, but that it has the look and feel you need. There are many resources available to make your event one to remember. Don’t be afraid to be as clear with your directions as possible when organizing the look of the space. Color scheme and décor are key in setting the tone for an event. If you are planning a more intimate affair then consider darker colors and seeing what the lighting options are at your venue. If the event in question is meant to be a training opportunity, consider giving guests the option of bar height tables with no chairs so that they can be free to mingle and move about during the breaks or beginning of the training sessions.

4. Eats:
It is highly recommended that an enjoyable day or evening includes some sort of food or beverage. Water is an obvious choice for guests, especially when looking at the expected length of the conference. Flavoring options for water, or even providing various sodas for an event speaks volumes about the thought and care you put into the guest experience. Offering snacks sets this event apart from those who are just providing water. Remember, there are vendors that work with your venue and they may have a great deal that can’t be passed up. At the very least it is something to investigate.

5. Duration:
There is something to be said for an event that feels beneficial but didn’t feel like a time vacuum. This goes back to the goal of the occasion. If it is meant to be a celebration, then an evening with little to no ending time may be appropriate. If it is more of a formal training event, then an event no longer than four hours with intermitted breaks is more tolerable for a guest. Especially if snacks are involved!

Now that you’re equipped with the right plan for your event, get started on your search for the perfect space today. Looking to host an event or conference in Kansas City? Contact Ball Conference Center today!