Ball Event Center offers up secrets on how to pull of getting hitched without a hitch in the plan

Want to know what your wedding vendors are thinking but will never say to your face? Ball Event Center knows all about handling wedding parties and making wedding decisions. Here are the top wedding vendor insider tips on how to assemble your wedding dream team.

  1. Do Your Research. Keep in mind when researching for your vendors that every professional was once an amateur; many photographers for example can do excellent work but charge less because they have less practical experience. However, consider that lower rates aren’t necessarily a good thing. Less experience may not work in your favor. Check out reviews ahead of time to understand the vendor’s background and skill level, and always always meet in person if at all possible. This will give you an idea on what working with the vendor will be like. Ask yourself – are they on time? Manner of dress aside, are they clean and polite? Are they kind? Can they communicate effectively?
  2. Don’t Ask for Discounts. Vendors livelihood may be different than traditionally stereotypical business hour expectations, but don’t forget that this is how they put food on the table. Vendors’ rates are established based on skill level, experience, cost of business, etc; please understand that bartering is bad for business.
  3. Do Hire Professionals. We cannot stress enough: “friendors” are not vendors. DIY wedding projects may seem like a smart way to save money – and they can certainly be helpful! However, professionals will often save you money in the long run by bringing the tools and expertise you need for your big day. Don’t add the stress of tense relationships with family by dealing with poor quality work or missed deadlines; trust the professionals with your celebration. If family helps with décor or other projects, these are best done way in advance. For anything baking, fresh, or floral – please call professionals.
  4. Don’t Call on Weekends. Weekends are vendors’ busiest days of the week when the events they are servicing actually happen. It’s better to send a clear, concise, compassionate email and only call if you absolutely must; never call on weekends. Keep in mind that vendors also need a day off to run errands, wash laundry, and buy groceries like the rest of the world – to make your planning process smoother, ask ahead of time which day they take off. Establish clear lines of communication with set expectations on when and how to contact your vendors. Clear expectations for communication are the key to a successful wedding.
  5. Do Make Your Own Decisions. It’s YOUR day – not your mother’s. Oftentimes friends and family have strong opinions on wedding details; this is not your mother’s wedding – or your aunt’s wedding – or even your best friend’s wedding. The choices are up to you! Vendors want to make your day as special and unique and beautiful as you are! They’re not here for your partner’s grandmother or your highs chool bestie – they’re here for you. Keep your wedding planning private as much as possible – of course you may want to include your partner on some decisions or ask your mom for advice, but ultimately the decision is yours. Involve the wedding party or friends/family in appropriate amounts to avoid tensions and disagreements. This is supposed to be a happy celebration in your honor – not a silly fight over a color choice or a floral arrangement.
  6. Do Show Respect and Gratitude. Please use common courtesy. Ultimately your vendors want to be treated with basic human dignity and kindness. They are here to help and support you but they are not to be mistreated. Show them compassion by ensuring they are treated fairly and with respect; offer to feed them along with the wedding guests, ask how they’re doing; remember, yours isn’t the only event on their plate! While they’re doing everything they can to make sure your makeup is flawless, the seating is accurate, the decorations are delivered – the least you can do is show a little gratitude. And don’t forget to tip!

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