Planning something exciting this year? Maybe it’s a wedding or perhaps a leadership conference; whatever your big plans are, you’ll want to know about these crucial elements to any successful event in 2020.

  1. Sustainable Event Resources – Reduce paper usage with the use of digital ticketing; use biodegradabale cutlery and décor; take advantage of the myriad of ridesharing apps; there are so many simple ways you can have a greater influence! Choose a catering business that selects seasonal local food. Some catering companies will also donate leftover food to local charities or even compost waste post-event so check out those options in your area. The time has come to examine your corporate and social lives and make minor adjustments that will carry greater impact. Take a look at our blog on sustainable events here.
  2. man holding microphoneEvent Technological Tools – While you’re prioritizing sustainability on a corporate or perhaps social level, take advantage of the digital arsenal you have at your disposal. From interactive apps to 3D displays, companies find digital options to be much more customizable and eco-friendly, as well as simply practical. Many events will allow for online rsvp or customizable applications; this concept of data driven suggestion affects things like menu options, relevant sessions, and popular activities for in between seminars.
  3. Personalized Event Experiences – The emphasis on customized experiences can be quickly spotted in the event applications as they may very well offer menu options for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. This same concept leads to further face to face meet ups, and gatherings themselves will be more intimate sessions, allowing for greater personal interaction. This personalization trend includes the use of nontraditional venues: barns, gardens, museums, and art galleries. These visually stimulating atmospheres induce innovation, exploration, and connection. Since you’re looking for an effective 2020 event, make sure your attendees feel intentionally included.
  4. Event Mental Wellness – In past events we’ve experienced the back to back mind-numbing seminars or the wedding with a strict structure and a five hour course. This new year finds more companies and event planners scheduling in more breaks with options for brain stimulating and body relaxing activities; conferences may offer local venues to visit or even hold yoga classes. Personal life doesn’t take a backseat to work, and the concept of “work smarter, not harder” is in full swing. Taking mental breaks allows for further creativity and personal reflection on the topics and events.

Whether you’re hosting a charity dinner or conducting a strategical marketing event, the details matter; ensure a successful event and plan with these trending elements in mind. Looking for an event venue in the Kansas City area? Look no further than Ball Conference Center!