At Ball Event Center, we are proud to partner with seeral vendors throughout the business seminars, public conferences, weddings, and private events we hold each year. Each collabroations takes a team of people, and we are pleased to recognize some of the wonderful people who work so hard to make each Ball Event Center event a success!

Meet Eric Rodricks, Owner and Chef of Culinary Creations Catering and Events!

Get ready for a little insight into the world of catering! Eric Rodricks was kind enough to answer some questions from Ball Event Center and we’d love to share them with you. Whether you’re a vendor planning an upcoming event at Ball or you’re an event planner interest in Ball’s services, we think you’ll find Rodrick’s insights delightful. If you love tacos, keep reading!

How did you get started in the catering world? 

I have such a passion for cooking that I wanted to share my food with others. Catering is the perfect opportunity to be creative, create delicious food, and share it with a large number of people. I love being able to dabble with all cuisines and new recipes.

Share one or two of your signature dishes.

My award-winning Street Tacos. I make either Beef Barbacoa, Chili Mango Chicken and Tacos Al Pastor – all 3 are delicious. Also my Lasagne Alla Bolognese – perfect for a wedding!

What’s popular in wedding catering these days?

We have seen a huge growth in Taco Bars! They are easy to eat and everyone loves them! Also “build your own” bars and “stations.” These setups give more variety for everyone to pick and choose their meal so everyone can have something they would enjoy. 

Share an exciting event you catered.

We did a vendor event at Stone Pillar Winery where we served tacos to over 150 people within an hour and a half. It was so fun to serve such a volume of people! Everyone loved their food and most came back for seconds. There is such a sense of gratitude to see others enjoying our food. 

What makes Culinary Creations stand out from the rest?  

We really try to get to know each client in order to build a customized menu. We believe that creates a more personalized experience for both clients and their guests. The options can be endless!

Why Ball Event Center?

We love being a part of a locally-owned business. We also love the mission that the KVC Health Systems stands for. 

Thanks again to Eric Rodricks and Culinary Creations for being one of our excellent partners! We can’t wait to service more events with you!

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**all photos courtesy of Culinary Creations Catering and Events