Special Vendor Feature: Easy Audio Rental

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At Ball Event Center, we are proud to partner with several vendors throughout the business seminars, public conferences, weddings, and private events we hold each year. Each collaborations takes a team of people, and we are pleased to recognize some of the wonderful people who work so hard to make each Ball Event Center event a success!

Learn how James Hansen is making weddings and events modern and accessible with Easy Audio Rental!

How did you get started in the audio/visual industry?

I was working for Best Buy and people wanted to buy things and return them after a single use. No one in-town was offering a rental service at the time, and I always wanted a small business of my own.

Do you have any industry achievements or awards?

We were honored to be featured in a full article in Fortune Magazine which you can read here; we were also quoted in a New York Times article for the Super Bowl!

What’s popular in weddings or events these days?

We offer a DIY wedding reception DJ package that comes with automatic lighting; our Bose sound system works well for crowds under 100 with its simple setup and ease of operation. With outdoor weddings/indoor receptions growing in popularity, we have a simple and powerful outdoor ceremony package. We service about a dozen or more weddings a month during wedding season.

Share an exciting event you serviced!

One of our exciting offers is “movie night by the pool.” We install a huge blow up movie screen, and the kids play in the water while most of the adults are in the lounge chairs. 

What makes Easy Audio Rental stand out from the rest?

Our priority is top quality equipment that is easy to set up and use. With color-coded connections and education for every customer, we make sure using the rented equipment is as easy for our clients as possible. We also provide full tech support via facetime during your event for no charge. We do extend DIY prices for the customers that are budget conscious. 

Why Ball Event Center? Can you share any experiences from or insights on the venue?

Location, location, location! We are only four minutes away from Ball Event Center! Since Easy Audio Rental offers delivery/install/removal, it’s important to note that Ball Event staff is always very helpful and responsive!

Thanks again to James Hansen and Easy Audio Rental for being one of our excellent partners! We can’t wait to service more events with you!

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** all photos courtesy of Easy Audio Rental