At Ball Event Center, we are proud to partner with several vendors throughout the business seminars, public conferences, weddings and private events we hold each year. Each collaboration takes a team of people, and we are pleased to recognize some of the wonderful people who work so hard to make each Ball Event Center event a success!

Say Hello to EsVal Banquets by Nancy Valencia! 

Recently Ball Event Center was honored to interview one of our new event vendors: EsVal Banquets! Whether you’re a vendor working an upcoming event at Ball or you’re an event planner intrigued by Ball’s services, we know you’ll find EsVal’s comments and impressions valuable and insightful!

Read on to hear a little bit of EsVal Banquets’ background, to learn about their services in elegant glassware, and to discover their favorite traditional wedding dance!

When and how did you get started in the event world?

For a couple of years now we have wanted to start our own banquet business and glassware rentals, since there are not many businesses like us out there. We were actually going to kickstart our business off last year, but much like everyone else, our goals and plans were greatly affected by the global pandemic. Thankfully, as the world seems to be getting better, we have officially initiated EsVal Banquets. With the help and recommendations of our friends and family and our business partners, EsVal Banquets has been a success.

What types of events do you do – apart from weddings?

EsVal offers our services for all types of events. From quinceañeras to baby showers to corporate events, we take care of everything that our clients ask us to do. Whether it is to coordinate a birthday party or provide the glassware for a wedding, we are more than happy to provide our services.

What are your favorite trends in weddings right now?

A Traditional Dance: While it may not be considered a trend but rather a tradition, as a Hispanic, in our culture, we have a dance called “La Tanda del Dólar” where the bride and groom open up the dance floor and invite their guests to dance with them in exchange for money. I believe that this is a great idea that should be included in every wedding—not just in traditional Mexican weddings—to financially help the newlyweds begin their new lives together.

Drink Toppers: As banquet servers, we personally love the idea of drink and glass toppers that say things like “Please do not take my drink,” which help us identify glasses that are still being used, or things like “Top me up” to know that we need to refill drinks if the guests are dancing or have gone to the restroom. These toppers are great for all parties to help us servers organize tables and keep them clean without accidentally taking away drinks or plates that are still needed.

Florals: Another small thing I adore is having real flowers and plants in the venue because they help give the place a delicate, floral fragrance instead of having artificial flowers. Having porcelain plates, silverware, and glasses is great for events as well. I say this not because of what EsVal Banquets offers, but rather as a personal opinion that glassware truly adds a scene of elegance and sophistication to a wedding that cannot be achieved with plastic cups and paper plates.

Can you share a tip or two for future Ball brides on their event services?

Some of the most helpful tips that I can offer to any bride and groom is to never be afraid to ask anything to your wedding vendors, whether that includes coordination services, catering, photography, or décor. Before their big day, every bride and groom should be 100% sure of every service that they have purchased to avoid any issues on that big day.

Another small tip I can offer is to always have a wedding planner or coordinator, if able, to take away any and all worries from the newlyweds that might occur during their celebration. Having someone to worry about things like the timely arrival of the cake, catering, photographers, etcetera is better than having parents, cousins, friends, or the bride and groom themselves running around instead of enjoying their party.

Any comments about working at Ball?

Since we entered, we loved the pre-function area (lobby). It is perfect for cocktail time before the real event begins and for the hosts to welcome their guests. In the actual venue, we admired the high ceilings and the open area, which can also be divided if you need a smaller venue. The kitchen area is amazing and extremely convenient for us as banquet servers. Although it may not be as important to some, to us, bathrooms and amenities are key when giving a pleasant experience. The bathrooms at the Ball are luxurious and clean. Another thing we greatly valued was the spacious parking lot; it is very beneficial as well. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

It was a pleasure meeting Michael and we cannot wait to work with the Ball in the future. It is a beautiful venue, and we will definitely recommend it to future clients who are still in search of the perfect venue. 

Thanks again to EsVal Banquets for being one of our excellent partners! We can’t wait to service more events with you! 

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