Congratulations to Ty and Sarah on their Marriage!Ty Sarah Trolley

We took some time to chat with Olathe native Mrs. Sarah Gardner on her experience with planning her wedding and discovering the Ball Event Center

BEC: Are you from Kansas City?

Well, I guess to be technical, I am from Olathe.

BEC: What is your occupation? Are you still in school?

I just graduated from grad school in May. I am now working as a physical therapist.

BEC: How did you meet your husband, Ty?

We met when we were 15 years old, sophomores in high school. We didn’t go to the same high school, but we met at a volleyball tournament, when my high school team played in a tournament at his school.

From their wedding website:

“Finally, on Novemeber 5th, 2005 they decided to go on a double date… They went to an Aquinas soccer game in the afternoon, then to dinner and a movie. Ty and Sarah were both surprised at how comfortable they felt around each other. Sarah couldn’t believe how hilarious Ty was and Ty…well he couldn’t believe a girl was actually interested in him 😉 . They both had a great first date and really enjoyed each other’s company… and the rest is history.”

BEC: And how did you find out about Ball Event Center?

I used Google to find wedding reception halls in Olathe and BEC popped up as an option.

BEC: What were some of the features that you liked?

I love that it’s so big and can hold up to 270-300 people, and most importantly, it has room for a big dance floor! I loved that you could bring your own food and alcohol in and that you get the WHOLE reception hall beginning at 10 am the morning of. That really helped for delivering and decorating purposes. I liked it’s location and the fact that it has a huge parking lot.  Also, Michael (the head coordinator) was super nice and helpful. He did a great job helping us and making our reception perfect!

BEC: And where did you spend your honeymoon?

We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico.

BEC: If you had to do the wedding all over again (planning, etc.) would you?

Absolutely! It had its stressful moments, especially since I was finishing up grad school during the whole process, but it was a blast at the same time! It’s something I will only get to do once and it was so much fun planning and personalizing everything! My favorite part was seeing everything come together at the end!