We’re excited to feature our new bartending service partner, Top Shelf Bartending!

We chatted with Erin Jarsulic, part of the award-winning husband and wife team behind Top Shelf Bartending on the bartending business and current trends. Learn from the pros on what it takes to have a great bar experience below!

  1. How did you get your start in the event bartending world and how long have you been in business? We actually bartended for a couple of friends weddings back in 2010/2011.  Everyone had such a great time and loved our services.  They said we should think about doing this full time instead of just as a favor to friends.   So the idea for Top Shelf Bartending was born in 2011.
  2. In your opinion, what is the key (or keys) to having a great bar service for an event? Creating an atmosphere of fun and energy is so important to us.  We want every guest to feel special when they come up to the bar.  Our bartender are fun, professional and very skilled at their craft.  They love to make a great drink and interact with the guests, it makes for a great experience for everyone.  
  3. Any trends you’d like to share or favorite bar elements right now? Signature drinks are still a huge trend right now.  Creating a fun personalized cocktail that reflects your vision without sacrificing your budget is always our goal.  It’s a great way to interject a theme such as naming them after your pets, your alma mater, matching your colors or even matching your honeymoon destination with a fun fruity tropical drink.  We create a fun frame with the names of the drinks to place on the bar, guests get a kick out of ordering the drinks by name as they usually have an inside meaning with friends and family. 
  4. Give us a few of your favorite signature cocktail ideas for a wedding We love getting creative with our signature drink options but some of the more popular ones are Sangria and flavored margartias. The Old Fashioned and Manhattan are always popular with the guys, you can never go wrong with the classics.   A great one for the fall that can be served chilled or warm is the caramel apple cider sangria, this one always garners rave reviews.  A fun one we did a few times at corporate parties over this last holiday was the candy cane martini. 
  5. Other tips you’d like to share? We’re here to make your event as stress free as possible regarding the bar service.   You have to many other things to worry about so leave it to the professionals which allows you to sit back and enjoy your own party.  Don’t try to do all the planning and shopping yourself, that’s why we’re here.  We are fully licensed and insured so let us do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the party.  
  6. Why Ball Event Center? What do you like about the venue/staff? Their staff always goes above and beyond to accommodate all their vendors, making it so easy for all of us.  They run extremely efficiently with their policies and procedures making sure that every event is perfect for the client.   We have really enjoyed working there and look forward to a continued relationship with the staff.  Our goal is to always help them make every event flawless by working together to meet the needs of their customers.  

We’re proud to call Top Shelf Bartending a new partner! If you’re looking to host an event with exceptional bar service, contact Top Shelf Bartending today!