First comes love, then comes the engagement, and next – finding the perfect photographer for all of the upcoming special moments! Ball Event Center is here to help you find the photographer to capture the big day and all the extraordinary times in between. Beau Vaughn Photography not only offers exquisite wedding photography, but so much more.

Beau Vaughn offers wedding photography, videography, photobooth, DJ and planning services. With over a decade of experience, Beau Vaughn will be sure to make your celebration dreams come true.

Here at Ball Event Center, we have a few tips and tricks to share when choosing the right photographer.

  • Two is better than one. Hiring a team of two photographers on the special day will guarantee that each and every one of your memories will be captured from all the different angles. A second photographer also allows photos to be taken in more than one place at the same time!
  • Time flies by. Weddings take months and months of planning, and then the day comes and goes by in the blink of an eye. Photographers are there to make sure you can remember all of those moments for years and years to come, which is why it is so important to have coverage from the start to the end of the special day. Choose a photographer that will be there and won’t miss a second!
  • No need to wait. The big day comes, photos are captured, and then the couple waits…and waits…and waits. Choose a photographer with a quick turn around time, and a full copyright release to all of your beautiful photos! Photos are worth the wait, but waiting months is just too long. Quick turnaround time, full copyright release, and high-resolution photos for prints are what Ball recommends to look for when you’re in search of the perfect photographer!

Not only does Beau Vaughn offer 10 hours of coverage, two photographers, and a 14-day turnaround, they are affordable and come with a multitude of other services. Industry reputation is important, and here at Ball, we know you will not be disappointed with Beau Vaughn. Call (866) 918-2328 or email to make sure your big day can be remembered for a lifetime with beautiful wedding photography!