Summer 2023 Officially Kicks off Wedding Season!

According to, September 23, 2023, is the most popular date for weddings and October is the most popular month for weddings this year. While October may be the most popular month, 65% of all weddings this year will be happening during the summer! Weddings this summer may look a little different with some new and exciting wedding trends emerging for 2023. The newest, most notable trend – color, bright colors, and more color! 

Say “Hello” to Lots of Color!

Weddings are bringing the color this year! You will see it everywhere, bright and loud — decorations, flowers, bridesmaid dresses, even the food! Experts are encouraging brides to be bold with their choices, but in a sophisticated and fun style! Vibrant shades of pink, orange, and yellow mixed with corresponding flowers in shades of pink, purple, and red will adorn ceremonies and receptions everywhere.

Statement Aisles

A statement aisle is a fun and creative way to personalize your ceremony even more. It’s something guests may not have seen before and they are sure to not forget it soon either! Couples are gathering aisle-inspiration from fashion runways, interior design trends, and even nature. Experts say it’s worth looking into if you want to make your ceremony really stand out!

Big Weddings

It’s been 3 years since the start of Covid and larger weddings are finally making a comeback. People are more willing to travel farther and gather in large groups again, allowing couples to celebrate their big day with all of their friends and family. 

Retro Wedding Cakes

To match the upward trend of bright colorful weddings, dazzling retro-inspired cakes are back! It’s just another unique touch couples can customize to make their wedding stand out. Choose a decade for your inspiration and start designing something you both love!

Transformable Wedding Dresses

A lot of brides dream of a long flowy dress with lots of drama for their ceremony but want to be more comfortable and free to dance and move at their reception. In years past, brides would be required to choose one option as two wedding dresses couldn’t fit within their budget. But the newest trend is transformable wedding dresses — two dresses in one! You can find lightweight options now that are sleek and form-fitting with full detachable skirts or capes that cover the shoulders, allowing you to easily transition from ceremony to reception without having to change!

Over-the-Top Decor

To go along with the brightly colored themes, we are seeing a wide variety of large, over-the-top table decorations. Minimalism step back, it’s time for maximalism to shine! With all things bright and eye-catching on the rise, couples have endless options available to really personalize the look and feel of their decorations.

Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras are making a comeback at weddings this year. A few decades ago most weddings had disposable cameras on each table, but with the arrival of digital cameras and smart phones, the disposables were tossed aside. But with the demand for grainy flash photography increasing, disposable cameras have begun appearing at weddings again. The good news is they are relatively cheap, simple to use, and wedding guests love them! The bad news is, they are often more expensive to develop and you don’t know exactly what photos you will end up with.

Private Last Dance 

One new trend that’s just for couples is private last dances. A private last dance gives the couple an opportunity to really connect after a busy day filled with family and friends. Couples choose a song that means something to them and they get a few minutes to reflect on their big day. Couples can do this while everyone is still there or wait until everyone is gone and they are really all alone.

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