How to Pick Your Outfit for “Best Dressed Wedding Guest”

Ah yes, the ever perplexing question – what to wear! Calling all wedding guests – if you have a closet full of options but “nothing to wear,” follow these tips to be successfully dressed for every wedding this summer!

Consider the Trends

The 90’s are back! With old trends back on the shelves, be sure to comb your closet for good finds before heading out to the store.

Pull out the oversized sunglasses and slip into that square-neckline dress. A printed slip dress? Perfect. Pair mini or pencil skirts with flowy blouses or oversized mens’ shirts.

Ask yourself: would Rachel Green wear this? If the answer is yes, you’ve found your outfit!


Complement Your Natural Features

When it comes to the details, your eyes are everything! Color-analyze the prominent tones of your skin, hair and eyes and use these features as the basis for a palette perfectly customized to you!

By understanding your personal tones, you can choose a wedding guest outfit that will complement your best features! Read more about determining your skin undertone from InStyle here!

Most weddings ask guests to avoid wearing white in order to let the bride shine. The most proper wedding guests will also skip the black and red which can be considered scandalous or offensive. Many wedding hosts may not care about guests wearing black and red – they are common classy colors after all! – but by wearing your complementary colors, you’ll be sure to shine all on your own!

Calculate the Environment

Before you dance out the door in your mini skirt, however, check the invitation and reflect on what you know of the family. While you should absolutely wear something you feel most like yourself in, it’s important to be mindful of the overall vibe of the event.

The wedding may be a classier family affair or it could be a down-to-party with the pals event. Take into consideration what you know of the couple and what the culture of the family will be. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a black tie ceremony in a casual maxi. Overdressed is almost always better than underdressed.

Check the Weather

Idyllic summer weddings draw out dreams of balmy weather – but you just might be in for a scorcher! Check the weather forecast for the upcoming event and dress accordingly. Investigate to see if you’ll be outside for the ceremony and reception or if you’ll be sitting under a highly efficient A/C.  

Summer weddings present the interesting dilemma of staying cool and not getting sun burnt all while remaining belle of the ball. How do you take enough off to avoid heat exhaustion and still present a stunning and stylish outfit?

The key is balance. Shorter dress? Bring a wrap for A/C protection or opt for deliciously sweet bell sleeves. Wearing a longer dress allows you to drop the neckline or opt out of sleeves entirely.

For an outside wedding, we recommend flowy and lightweight material for plenty of breathability. Too much exposed skin at an outdoor wedding will leave you looking like the lobster entrée. Is the occasion an indoor wedding? Remember to bring a thin wrap or shawl in case the A/C is on overdrive.

With a peek at the forecast and a dive through the closet, you’re out the door and off to win “Best Dressed Wedding Guest” of the season! Need some inspiration? Take a peek at these dresses from BRIDES magazine!

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