A full-service wedding planner may not be in your budget, or you may be the couple who wants to plan your big day from A to Z. However, here at Ball we believe all couples would benefit from hiring a “Day Of” Coordinator, sometimes referred to as a DOC.

A Wedding Day-Of Coordinator is hired to work the day of the wedding and assist you through the planning process prior to the big day. Having a DOC by your side and throughout the wedding planning process is a way to stay sane and enjoy this special day! Below we go in depth on the responsibilities and benefits to hiring a DOC.


  • Initial Consultation. The first meeting between the planner and the client is to set the groundwork for expectations and to formulate the wedding-day timeline and develop a list of your vendors.
  • Leading up to the big day. The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will, of course, be present on your big day. However, most DOC’s will conduct the wedding rehearsal along with coordinating with all of your vendors and wedding party on scheduling prior and for the next day.
  • The big day! It’s the morning of your wedding day, and a million thoughts are going through your head. Your Day-Of Wedding Coordinator has a detailed list of absolutely everything needed for this day along with scheduling, contracts, guest list, and much more. The DOC will guide the bridal party through processional and recessional, cover big and small details morning to night, check lighting levels, cue wedding professionals, and collect all gifts and personal items when the celebration has come to an end. Your DOC is usually the last person to leave!
  • Expect the unexpected. Not everything can go perfect, but one of the key responsibilities of the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is to handle the unexpected. From directing traffic in the street so the photographer can capture just the right shot, to finding the mother of bride who disappeared right before the couple is ready to cut the wedding cake – your DOC will be your fairy godmother on your big day!


The list is truly endless, but some of the key benefits include having the peace of mind that another set of eyes is making sure everything goes as planned and saving time from worrying about all the details the day of and enjoying your day! Last minute work, unexpected issues, and coordinating all of your guests and wedding party will be off your plate and covered by your DOC! They are there to fix any problem that might arise and will handle questions that you and your groom should not be troubled with!

Here at Ball, we truly recommend hiring a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. Your DOC will ensure that you can soak up and enjoy every moment of the day you’ve spent months and months planning for! If you’re looking for a DOC, contact us and we can assist!