It’s easy to associate weddings with spring and summer. Most people still think of May and June as the most traditional months in which to marry, but autumn has rapidly become the most popular season of the year for nuptials. Nevertheless, there is much to be said, and very specific seasonal trends, for a winter wedding. In fact, there are options for almost every aspect of the wedding that are only appropriate when there is a chill in the air or snow on the ground.

The Velvet Touch 

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that lends itself to everything from dress to decor, and cooler weather all but calls for it. For the bride, a velvet wedding dress in cream, champagne, or a pale beige is a guaranteed stand-out. Likewise, bridesmaids’ dresses in darker colors or bright jewel tones in the softly shimmering material create an impression that can only be made in the winter. It can be used sparingly too, with the bride and attendants alike wearing velvet shoes, gloves, or shawls. Some extra glamour can be added with faux fur trim or stoles. Grooms and groomsmen can wear velvet pocket squares, ties, and lapels, and, finally, coordinating table runners are an elegant seasonal touch.

Full Dress Fancy

Fully formal, black-tie affairs are an easier sell for guests in the winter, and for the simplest of reasons: full dress is more comfortable when it’s already cold outside! Men, especially, tend to grumble about a tuxedo, but wearing one in the winter is less of an ask when the only sweating the gentlemen can expect to do will be on the dance floor. Floor-length gowns or chic evening suits not only up the elegance scale, but they also keep bare legs warm between the car, church, and ballroom.

Flowers and Frost

There is no debating the luxe air that is created by bouquets of out-of-season blooms in the winter. However, there are other, less traditional blossoms that are perfect for a cold-weather ceremony that already offers so many other opportunities for highly personalized touches. Gardenias, anemones, sweet peas, dahlias, and even carnations – which symbolize devotion, love, and fascination – are a seasonally appropriate and dazzling swap for the summer’s tulips, roses, and lilies. Elegantly potted paperwhites or amaryllis scattered among the tables are the perfect finishing touch for the winter wedding’s florals.

Dinner and drinks that take the chill off

Kick off the happy occasion by counteracting the cold weather from the very start. Welcome guests with hot drinks, such as a hot chocolate bar with chocolate bombs, marshmallows, sprinkles, spices, and peppermint schnapps to personalize each steaming cup. Mulled wine, apple cider, buttered rum, and Spanish coffee are good options, too.

Menu options are guided by the season as well. Heartier dishes are appropriate – expected, even – for winter fare. Beef Wellington or prime rib, a baked potato bar, pumpkin ravioli are all classic cold-weather comfort food, and a chocolate lava cake with ice cream is the perfect finale.

Embrace the season

Winter gives brides and grooms more opportunities to create highly personalized and unique affairs. The range of colors, fabrics, and food that characterize cold-weather entertaining make for a celebration that will not be forgotten by family, friends, and guests. It may be cold outside, but a winter wedding that makes the most of the season will create warm memories for everyone lucky enough to be there.