Winter Bridal Party Attire–Anything
But Boring!

Winter weddings are growing in popularity – and with good reason! Bridal parties don’t need to fear sweating makeup away during long photography sessions, and venues may have more openings since most weddings are planned during Spring, Summer and Fall. Cooler weather weddings also mean greater versatility with your wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

While your bridesmaids would be uncomfortable in long sleeves and velvet during the summer months, winter allows you to pull out all the stops. From the white faux fur wrap to the black leather jacket, the bridal party has plenty of exquisite attire options to choose from, including stunning outerwear. A winter wedding will bring out the best wardrobe vibes — take a peek at these trending themes, thanks to Ball’s Bridal Guide.

Winter Wedding Bridesmaid Trends

Brides and wedding planners definitely have their choice of color schemes when it comes to winter weddings. Choose bright colors to stand out in a cold and dreary setting, or opt for white, light, and airy for a magical, winter wonderland aura. Learn more about Winter Wedding Color Schemes and Palettes here! These color schemes will play a huge role in the bridesmaid dresses, of course, but here are several trending themes to keep in mind when planning the outfits for your “I Do” crew.


The trend of choosing bridesmaid dresses around a central palette scheme continues to be a strong theme with most bridal parties. All involved wear a flattering color or style – everyone gets to look their very best while still keeping the bride at the center of attention. The key is to not get too crazy. If you choose to mix up a certain aspect of the bridesmaid dresses, don’t forget that other factors have to match. For example, choose different colors of a palette scheme but keep the dress length long for all bridesmaids. Or choose different styles of neckline but hues of the same shade of blue. If one dress has a pattern – like floral – make sure the others are solid colors.


Winter weddings are the perfect time to show off rich textures of dresses. Pleated gowns, lace skirts and luscious velvet are definite winners. Glimmering gowns with sequins are absolutely glamorous, but we don’t want to outshine the bride! Carefully pair shimmering dresses with muted beiges and soft pinks and gentle blues for a balance. Nobody wants the bright silver fish dress or the hot pink glitzy show-stealer! Some bridal parties may opt for bridesmaid dresses with tulle overlay; again, with proper colors to offset the bold patterns or textures, these dresses can look gentle, classy, and timeless.


The emphasis on back to nature continues to be trending. Winter is no exception; some brides may host a garden-themed reception even in the coldest months. Hothouse and greenhouse flowers are perfectly stunning in the dead of winter, and many guests will be relieved and refreshed with natural tones that remind everyone spring is coming! Just remember that bridesmaid dresses made of floral patterns should still pair well together, and the majority should still be solid colors of the same palette.

Made for Dancing

Don’t forget that bridesmaids want to get down and party with the bride for the reception. This means their dresses will have to be free-moving in order to avoid a necessitated outfit change. Nobody is saying loose and unflattering dresses are the answer; it’s just important to choose a bridesmaid dress with enough movement for airflow and for dancing!

Winter Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Glean more ideas for spectacular wedding dresses below. And don’t forget – if you’re looking for a venue, Ball Event Center has the space, facilities and team to make your ceremony and reception stress-free and fabulous!