Winter Wedding Color Palettes

Over the course of wedding history, winter has been quite the underrated and overlooked season for the big day. The truth is that a winter wedding bears several advantages!
Cooler weather means no sweating off makeup during the long photography sessions; it also allows more flexibility with the booking schedule as most weddings tend to take place in the other three seasons. There are several stunning wedding dresses that have long sleeves; some brides choose to pair incredible mood-bringing jackets with their wedding dresses – consider a white faux fur or a black leather jacket. Winter brides be advised: you have options.

That being said, wedding planning for a winter season is probably one of the more thrilling color schemes to plan. Winter is boring you say? Not by a long shot.

Ball Event Center has collected several color palettes for a winter wedding that you’re sure to want to consider!

  1. Christmas Cheer – A rich green paired with a deep red is always a great option, but try a modern twist on the Christmas classic! Turn the red a few shades deeper into a burgundy or opt for a lighter pale petal pink!
  2. Berry Merry – Choose your favorite berry tones and have fun! Burgundy, cherry red, or royal purples… the options are endless!
  3. Wintry Weather – These palettes offer quite a few intriguing hues; take the weather any way you want and select your favorite shades! Try aiming for the sultry stormy skies with dusky blue and shades of grey or opt for a more serene scheme with light sky blue, whites, and crystal elements.
  4. Winter Wonderland – For a magical winter wedding choose white on white! Sprinkle in light gold accents – even a little glitter if you’re feeling festive!
  5. Festive Floral – Who said winter meant no flowers? There are plenty of flowers that grow in winter and if you’re looking for something a bit…warmer…during your winter wedding, don’t forget the number of greenhouses and hot houses that may carry the floral arrangements you’re looking for. And then, there’s always faux flowers as well made from materials like satin that won’t freeze in winter (or wilt in summer)! Whether you’re opting for cool wintry colors or bringing the warmth to winter with golden yellows and pinks, there are plenty of floral options for a winter wedding.
  6. Rustic Warmth – For cozy cheer or minimalist vibes, opt for neutrals and distressed elements. If the wedding is outside or in a barn, consider offering guests blankets that can be taken home after as favors.
  7. Glamorous Glitz – For Black Tie elegance with a dash of festive, opt for a wedding palette reminiscent of a New Year’s Eve party – black, white and gold are always a stunning combination. Add glitter to taste.
  8. Winter Woodland – Not to be confused with the sparkly Winter Wonderland, this woodsy theme is all about the white, deep green, and shades of brown. Consider small wood sisal creatures for centerpieces or a pinecone wreath for the bride (just Google it, simple pinecone wreaths look incredible).

A winter wedding is a beautiful and magical new start; choose the wedding theme according to the couple’s history and style. After all, each wedding is as unique and wonderful as each couple is!

Do you have a wedding on the horizon? Still looking for a venue that follows proper protocol? Ball Event Center has plenty of room to properly social distance and still get your party on!

Reserve your event now or contact us today for more information on our wedding events! We can’t wait to wish you a wonderful wintry wedding and a happily ever after!