There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a meeting venue.

Certain factors will determine how the meeting goes and how many people attend. So what are the most important elements when deciding where you have your next business meeting or conference?

    1. Number ten of the list is participant experience. Giving your guests a good experience will ensure that they attend another one of your events.
    2. At your meeting you will have a variety of people with a variety of taste. Finding a place with quality food and a variety of choices will help to accommodate all of your guests.
    3. Price flexibility is in the top ten because lowering costs where you can is important for your budget.
    4. When planning a meeting, one of the worst things to deal with is staff that can’t perform their job or are unhelpful. Check the staff before booking your event.
    5. Décor is also on the list because the meeting space you choose needs to be clean and sufficiently furnished.
    6. Room flexibility should be considered so things can be moved around for breakout sessions.
    7. Quality AV equipment is a good thing to look at so you can avoid the problem of having technical difficulties when making a presentation.
    8. Layout of space is critical because there must be enough room to socialize and your gathering must be easy to navigate.
    9. Room capacity is the second most important factor to consider. Having too many extra seats or not enough seats will determine how successful the meeting is.
    10. Finally, the most important factor when choosing a venue is location. It must be convenient and easily accessible. The more convenient it is, the higher attendance will be.

Ball Event Center offers three different rooms that seat up to 400 people. A boardroom, stepped classroom and ballroom are available to suit your needs. Each comes equipped with WIFI, video conferencing, and podium/panel technology.

We are also conveniently located in Olathe with staff ready to help with all of your planning needs to ensure your guests have a rewarding experience.

Use this list the next time when planning an event where you guests will be comfortable and enjoy themselves – we’re certain you’ll find that the Ball Event Center will be the perfect fit for your gathering.